Energy & Sustainability

Energy & Sustainability

Minimising consumption, cost, emissions and risk.

VINCI Facilities delivers a full suite of services to manage utilities consumption, ensure compliance and manage risks for customers across all sectors.

Energy & Sustainability

Minimising consumption, cost, emissions and risk.

VINCI Facilities delivers a full suite of services to manage utilities consumption, ensure compliance and manage risks for customers across all sectors.

Helping customers save money, reduce risk and improve environmental performance.

Our in-house Energy and Water Management team, supported by SMART tools and industry leading software, bring together experience, expertise and innovation to ensure our customers across multiple sectors are fully supported and informed on all matters relating to energy, water and emissions. Within the past year we have provided energy and water management services to over 3,500 facilities, spanning the length and breadth of the UK and Republic of Ireland.

By clicking on the interactive Energy and Sustainability Capability Wheel below, you can explore each facet of our expertise in this area.

Learn how VINCI Facilities aims to achieve net zero emissions by 2050, and how we're utilising best practice guidance from the ISO 20400 Sustainable Supply Chain to ensure that our supply chain maintains the same exemplary sustainability standards that we hold ourselves to.

See how data monitoring and analytics are the backbone of our utilities management service. By combining digital tools and in-house expertise, we capture raw utilities data from multiple sources and translate it into clear, actionable information that supports confident decisionmaking.

Discover how we can support your organisation’s energy and carbon strategy by delivering feasibility assessments, designs and installations for low-carbon energy solutions such as renewable energy, on-site generation, and energy storage.

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Sustainable Supply Chain

We understand that we do not complete our work in isolation; therefore, it is important that we encourage our supply chain to maintain the same sustainability standards we hold ourselves to. The ISO 20400 Sustainable Supply Chain guidance standard is our framework for achieving this and provides guidance for supply chain sustainability, and our Business Responsibility Director sits on the board of the Supply Chain Sustainability School. Our specialist team members can help identify the best outcomes from your projects based on your priorities. We work with local suppliers and Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprises (VCSEs) to help you reach your goals, such as lowering carbon emissions.

We share our standards and policies with all suppliers before work commences. Our HSEQ team has personally presented to our Building Solutions South P1 suppliers on the revisions of environmental and safety standards to ensure effective communication of differences and a smooth transition. This support ensured that our high standards were met consistently on our sites.

Stakeholder Engagement

Our vision is “to be considered leading and trusted by all our stakeholders” and as such our stakeholders’ feedback is incredibly important. Our engagement methods are varied, from feedback forms and interviews to materiality assessments, all of which centre on the stakeholder and what matters to them. These stakeholders include our clients, supply chain and teams, along with community groups and site users.

In 2019, we saw significant success in our engagement processes. Our first Supply Chain Awards included dialogue to learn about how our suppliers viewed us as a client and how we could better support them, which has since been built in to our supply chain support structures.

Our team reported another increase in engagement across regional sites, demonstrating that varied communication methods – from posters and emails to roadshows and leadership site visits – continues to inspire our team.

National Social Value Framework

Social value can be complicated and difficult to measure, which is why VINCI Facilities has invested in mathematical models and staff training, supported by our Social Value UK partnership. The data can drill down to specific projects, allowing a detailed understanding of social value delivery across our projects, which then feeds into our engagement with stakeholders and national and sector social value plans.

The high degree of detail and depth of data gives our clients an insight into how their projects impact their communities and key stakeholders, and an opportunity to design collaborative and innovative new ways to engage and improve their situation.

We measure our social value delivered across the majority of our contracts. In 2019, we measured £400,000 in social value provided through those contracts.

Data Management & Analytics

Having a clear picture of how energy and water are being used is critical to effective utilities and carbon management.

VINCI Facilities uses a combination of digital tools and in-house expertise to capture raw utilities data from a variety of sources and turn it into relevant, clear, and actionable information that allows confident decisions to be made and improves the efficiency of facilities.

Data monitoring and analytics underpin our utilities management service, which is currently delivered to many of our existing clients across multiple sectors, driving measurable performance improvements to minimise consumption, increase efficiency, and achieve financial and environmental objectives.

Utilities Conservation Measures

Energy, water, and carbon reduction can be delivered in many ways. Our ‘options assessments’ provide a full, independent review of a client’s operations and facilities, resulting in an objective assessment of the various options that will lead to improved utilities and carbon performance.

Tailored to meet a client’s key objectives, our approach provides details of the most appropriate opportunities available, from zero-cost operational changes to large-scale capital projects, clearly setting out the technical, financial and environmental benefits as well as the commercial implications and options.

Being independent of any specific products or brands, our ‘technology agnostic’ approach gives our clients peace of mind that the recommendations are the best fit for them without any commercial bias.

VINCI Facilities has a great track record of procuring and installing efficiency upgrades, such as LED lighting, HVAC systems and BEMS right up to full refurbishment projects.

Alternative Energy & EV Charging

The UK has set a challenging target of reducing greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2050 and this will require a change in how we generate energy and consume fossil fuels. As we move towards 2050, renewable energy sources, on-site generation, energy storage and alternative fuels will become increasingly important and play a significant part of an organisation’s energy and carbon strategy.

Renewable energy, on-site generation and energy storage are all key aspects of a long-term energy and carbon strategy, and VINCI Facilities offers feasibility, design and installations for clients, taking into account their strategic objectives, the technical feasibility, and the commercial models and opportunities available.

A robust carbon strategy will also include the increased use of Electric Vehicles (EV). EVs are already becoming more widespread and will increasingly demand more from our electricity grid. As experts in EV charging installation, operation and maintenance, VINCI Facilities offers an end-to-end EV charging solution and can help organisations integrate EV charging plans into their strategy, taking into account grid supply requirements, integration with renewable/alternative energy and back-office functions to effectively future-proof your facilities.

Utilities Procurement

Energy and water supplies are increasingly becoming a significant cost and risk for organisations across all sectors, as markets become more volatile, non-commodity costs continue to rise, and utilities scarcity becomes an increasing issue.

A utilities procurement strategy, delivered by specialists, is becoming essential for organisations as costs and operational risks need to be reduced and mitigated effectively.

VINCI Facilities has a strong track record of delivering a full range of independent energy and water procurement services, including market testing, tendering for fixed or flexible contracts, procuring and managing temporary supply connections, utilities contract management, ongoing bill validation, and historic cost recovery.

Innovative SMART Solutions

VINCI Facilities is changing the way we all interact with our surroundings via:

  • Better information management through the construction and life cycle plan of work.
  • Self navigation of highly personalised information sets.
  • Enabling teams to interact with data to better understand operational and building performance.

We have a comprehensive range of advanced solutions that put VINCI Facilities at the forefront of SMART Places development. Examples include:

  • Capturing site data using 3D cameras, drones and electronic survey forms.
  • Creating Digital Twins that combine 3D models with asset data.
  • Creating SMART tools to help us manage facilities more efficiently.
  • Using virtual reality gaming technology to create training modules.

Monitor and Improve Environmental Performance

We understand that identifying and promoting best and effective practices, used in conjunction with mandatory legislation and standards, can help us and our clients achieve their business objectives. We use a wide variety of communication tools to make sure our entire operation benefits from knowledge gained in any area. Through effective knowledge sharing, our teams, suppliers and clients all benefit from innovations, supporting our delivery of projects at the highest standard.

An example of knowledge sharing is our Excellence Notifications, which are written and widely distributed on occasions of project success and innovation. There are many forums and working groups in various disciplines that share knowledge, not only in VINCI Facilities but within VINCI Construction UK. Our new learnings from these varied sources ensure we are always delivering the most considered work for all of our clients.

Promote Best Practice

We’re proud to have developed a best practice framework that enables us to accurately assess the social, environmental and economic value of our works.

We are members of and collaborate with Social Value UK (SVUK), and attend a range of government and non-governmental working groups to ensure our methodology is robust and transparent.

Additionally, our Social Sustainability Manager is an accredited social value and Social Return on Investment (SROI) practitioner.

Our bespoke framework is developed in partnership with and reviewed annually by SVUK, and we ensure proxies are up to date using a range of research and publicly available information, including TOMS (Themes, Outcomes, Measures) framework and HACT (Housing Associations’ Charitable Trust).

It is important that our claims of social value creation can be attributed to specific activities or interventions, and we use a range of deflators to ensure proportionality.

Our framework is used on all projects over £500k per annum. It measures embedded, additional and inherent social value, and enables deep dive analysis into specific projects. Our approach to social value won an Institute of Workplace and Facilities Management (IWFM) award and has been recognised as best practice by Social Value UK.

Lifelong Learning

Our academy ensures our workforce is continuously improving to meet the changing needs of the built environment. We have a dedicated team that collaborates with external bodies to deliver and facilitate training. Our commitment keeps our teams at the leading edge and well-versed in the techniques and knowledge that will deliver the most successful and innovative projects for our clients and upskill their workforce. Our supply chain partners are supported in similar ways through the Supply Chain Sustainability School and our internal training and knowledge resources, which are shared throughout our value chain. This ensures all those supporting our services are equipped to deliver to the highest standards.

When health and safety, environmental or energy standards are updated (such as the update to ISO 50001 Energy Management standards in 2018), we raise awareness among our teams through our strong communication and leadership channels and give them access to all of the training and support required to translate the new knowledge onto our sites.

VINCI Facilities also offer a range of support and tools to help our clients engage with their staff, whether that be to enhance awareness and competence of utilities in general, demonstrate their organisation’s performance, or to tailor an immersive training package using our virtual reality technologies.

Compliance & Assurance

Environmental legislation is growing more prominent and onerous as we seek to reduce our impact on the planet and secure a sustainable future. Failure to comply not only impacts on the environment but hits an organisation where it hurts – reputationally and financially Whether it be for environmental, energy, carbon, or water, VINCI Facilities supports clients to achieve compliance with legislation, including:

  • UK 2050 net zero legislation.
  • Clean Growth Strategy.
  • ESOS (Energy Savings Opportunities Scheme).
  • SECR (Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting).
  • MEES (Minimum Energy Efficiency Standard).
  • Voluntary assurance schemes such as ISO 14001 and ISO 50001.

We believe that legislative compliance need not be a cost burden. Instead, our approach is to use it to drive environmental performance. For example, VINCI Facilities conducts ESOS compliance assessments for our UK parent company, which has led to over £230k net savings in a single year. SECR compliance is being delivered internally too, and will be used to continually monitor, track and improve our energy and carbon performance in line with our carbon strategy.

To ensure that our clients’ varied sites all conform with environmental legislation, our environmental audits are stringent and monitored closely by our central Environmental Manager.

Targets & Strategy

To meet the long-term energy and sustainability objectives of UK businesses, including the 2050 net zero greenhouse gas emissions target, a robust strategy is key. VINCI Facilities has not only developed its own Carbon Strategy, but we support our customers on their journey to a sustainable, net zero future too.

Using our depth of expertise, we support the development of Utilities and Carbon Strategies to meet an organisations’ specific vision and objectives. This can be developed as a bespoke format or in VINCI Facilities’ proven ‘VMOST’ model. Working with our customers collaboratively, we use our teams’ experience and industry knowledge to research and develop tailored SMART targets alongside a clear roadmap toward achieving these goals.

While VINCI Facilities’ targets and roadmap include a 40% reduction of carbon emissions by 2030 and net zero by 2050, reducing the carbon associated with the built environment involves the whole value chain. Our close links with leadership groups, technical experts and entrepreneurial supply chain partners enables us to continually enhance our knowledge to provide the most efficient and innovative solutions to reduce the carbon associated with our activities. All reduction roadmaps are developed collaboratively and are cognizant of client aspirations and the targets outlined within The Clean Growth Strategy, the Industrial Strategy and other Government policies and legislation.

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