Engineering Excellence and Compliance

Engineering Excellence and Compliance

Operating at the very highest standard.

Customers benefit from our extensive regulatory and technical understanding, which enables us to clarify their compliance status and remove potential liabilities.

Engineering Excellence and Compliance

Operating at the very highest standard.

Customers benefit from our extensive regulatory and technical understanding, which enables us to clarify their compliance status and remove potential liabilities.

Eliminating risk and non-compliance for clients.

VINCI Facilities is committed to achieving the highest possible standards of Engineering Excellence and Compliance. With continual collaboration, we not only protect ourselves and our people, but we also safeguard our customers and end users.

By clicking on the interactive Engineering Excellence and Compliance Capability Wheel below, you can explore each facet of our expertise in this area.

Discover how our highly trained compliance team operate independently from our account teams in order to provide impartial advice to customers. We assist customers through the process, providing guidance on compliance requirements and activities, and informing change and improvements as necessary.

See how we regularly operate under sector-specific compliance requirements (e.g. Health Technical Memoranda (HTM) for healthcare contracts). This provides customers with assurance that work has been planned and carried out in accordance with regulations, which in turn reduces risk and ensures that assets are maintained to a high standard.

Gain an insight into our auditing process, which sees our operations assessed internally and by third party specialists, with results being displayed via user-friendly PowerBI dashboards. These displays enable visual trend analysis and reporting functionality that can be filtered by collective or individual performance.

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Engineering Excellence

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Standards & Regulations

We recognise and comply with all relevant industry and regulatory standards and rules applicable to each discipline delivered. There are currently many varied standards across all our working environments, including UK Legislation, British and International Standards, HSE Guidelines, and Approved Codes of Practice (ACoPs). The application of these rules ensures compliance for VINCI Facilities and its clients, eliminating the risk of noncompliance for clients and providing adherence to regulatory requirements.

We understand that failure to comply with any rules and regulations puts both VINCI Facilities and its clients at risk of legal claims, litigation or prosecution. Our team of highly trained professionals recognise and understand the requirements imposed by legislative authorities and interpret them accordingly to provide a sound basis for delivering maintenance services in line with regulatory requirements.

As a UK company, we are required to be Gas Safe registered to deliver maintenance to gas appliances and systems with engineers individually qualified, accredited, and trained to undertake tasks. Similarly, our electrical engineers are required to be Part P approved to maintain electrical systems for domestic premises and hold pertinent competency for other environments.

Governance & Policies

The direct interpretation of each piece of legislation through our Mandatory Compliance Standards (MCS) and Mandatory Safety Standards (MSS) provides clients with assurance that works are delivered in line with industry standards.

MCS and MSS are document libraries within our management system, The Way We Work (TWWW), and form part of our business process to govern our operational delivery. MCS 16 relates to electrical compliance and MCS 18 refers to gas systems. Both document libraries provide a declaration of how we will operate and undertake activities and both contain our procedures to achieve governance. All documents are available to review electronically by our employees, should they require additional guidance, while going about their duties.

Each discipline (e.g. fire and the associated elements of maintaining emergency lighting or fire alarms) is governed by risk assessments and task controls, which are documented and provided for all works. VINCI Facilities’ employees also have access to supporting documentation, such as operational procedures and written schemes, which together form our Safe Systems of Work.

Technical Compliance & Quality

To ensure technical compliance through the provision of quality services, we are accredited by industry recognised organisations including Gas Safe, NICEIC, BAFE, REFCOM, and OFTEC. These thirdparty accreditors regularly audit our systems and procedures to ensure compliance with relevant standards. We also operate under sector specific compliance requirements including Joint Service Publication (JSP) on our military contracts at RAF Mildenhall; Health Technical Memoranda (HTMs) in our healthcare sector including St Helens & Whiston Hospitals; and Association for Petroleum and Explosives Administration (APEA) in our work with Shell Petroleum. We also follow the guidance provided under SFG20 and SFG30 when maintaining building services across our varied client portfolio.

By working to specific compliance requirements, our clients benefit from the assurance that work has been planned and carried out in accordance with regulations, which in turn reduces risk and ensures that assets are maintained to a high standard. Our engineering teams are supported by multi-disciplinary Authorising Engineers (AEs) and Approved Persons (APs), who provide information, instruction and guidance where required.

Service delivery is also supported by a dedicated team of quality and compliance professionals who oversee operations and ensure quality standards are always maintained.

Reporting & Analysis

Our extensive technical and regulatory understanding enables us to develop and design reporting tools that provide our clients with meaningful management information to clarify their compliance status. Our management reporting clearly shows our clients’ position regarding risk and identifies potential actions required to reduce and remove liability. Reporting dashboards using PowerBI technology provide clear, concise information regarding compliance indicators. These are easy to use, and menus provide a range of data to allow clients to make informed decisions regarding the status of assets within their estate.

Our digital-based certification and documents (V-Forms) provide the capability to digitally capture and record compliance information, including service reports for planned or reactive maintenance activities. Data can be uploaded directly to our Computer-aided facility management (CAFM) and be available for clients to view in real-time, thereby providing up-to-date information regarding asset status and condition.

Certificates and photos can also be uploaded directly to the CAFM system, assigned to individual assets and made available to view by the client.


VINCI Facilities holds accreditations with third-parties either as part of their requirements to operate and provide services or on a voluntary basis to demonstrate compliance with regulations and industry recognised practices. Gas Safe accreditation is a legal requirement to provide maintenance to gas systems. BAFE and REFCOM are voluntary through subscription to industry recognised trade bodies that manage regulatory requirements on behalf of authorities. BAFE is the independent register of quality fire safety service providers, who are certified to ensure quality and competence to help meet your fire safety obligations.

REFCOM accreditation ensures that all VINCI Facilities personnel carrying out installation, commissioning, decommissioning, repairing, maintenance or servicing of stationary refrigeration, air-conditioning or heat pump equipment that contains or is designed to contain F-Gas refrigerants must hold the relevant designated qualifications stated in regulation 2067/2014.

As holders of these accreditations, clients can have confidence that their assets are being maintained in line with industry requirements at frequencies and standards which ensure they remain compliant with UK regulations. Accreditations are renewed on a regular basis (at minimum annually) to ensure that VINCI Facilities remains compliant with regulations and operating procedures.


Our health, safety, environment and quality (HSEQ) systems ensure that we not only manage our business in accordance with prevailing legislative requirements, but that we ensure the health and safety of employees, those affected by our operations and the environments in which we work.

All management systems are ISO accredited to the appropriate standards, 9001, 14001 and 45001 and all are independently audited regularly. To support our management systems and provide information, guidance and instruction, each area has a set of Mandatory Safety Standards (MSS), which set out the requirements and arrangements for each topic.

MSS apply to all health and safety activities including the recent MSS50 – COVID-19. Mandatory Quality Standards (MQS) and Mandatory Environmental Standards (MES) all provide additional and complementary guidance to ensure we deliver services in line with requirements and adhere to clearly defined process.

Each workplace manages HSEQ as part of its Standard Operating Procedures and site inspections are undertaken at both local and corporate level to ensure the business has visibility of its operations and that work practices comply with all requirements.

Recent independent audits by British Standards Institute (BSI) and Achilles have scored highly in both the Head Office management systems and the site-based service delivery, with a 100% score for both by Achilles for six out of the last seven years. RoSPA has also awarded VINCI Facilities the Presidents’ Award following 14 years of exceptional health & safety compliance.

Third Party Governance

Each engineering discipline is delivered in line with the governance and standards set by the accreditation body. Auditors visit our operations on a regular basis to validate our processes and procedures and engage with front line accredited employees to audit and check that service delivery is compliant with the VINCI Facilities’ Safe System of Work and appropriate regulatory standards.

Gas Safe registered engineers are audited directly by Gas Safe, and our electricians and Qualifying Supervisors by NICEIC. Employees undertaking installation and maintenance tasks self-certify works under the Competent Person scheme and copies are retained for review.

Accreditations are reviewed annually by the awarding body and our compliance team update procedures when significant changes are announced. This ensures all employees are working within the current regulatory requirements.

Clients benefit from measurable deliverables of recognised standards with surety provided through the certification obtained from the awarding bodies, which provides confidence that services will be managed and delivered in line with recognised industry standards.

On our Shell Petroleum contract, we recently completed the Hazardous Area Inspection of electrical services, which was overseen and audited by NICEIC. Similarly, our Powertest electrical division, which undertakes PAT and Fixed Wire Testing, was audited and re-accredited.

Innovative Proficiency

Mandatory Safety Standard MSS03 requires that we undertake rolebased risk assessments for all job categories to ensure all identified hazards and risks have appropriate control measures. Through rigorous application of a structured Training Needs Analysis and with support from our dedicated internal Training Academy, all employees are fully trained to effectively deliver their job role safely and assure compliance with our mandated deliverables.

Clients benefit from suitably trained and qualified VINCI Facilities employees attending their sites and carrying out their tasks safely and efficiently.

VINCI Facilities works across both public and private sectors and specific sub-sectors to include healthcare, military, retail, government, industrial, local authorities and commercial. Our engineering and delivery teams are conversant with all the subjects that are likely to be confronted in delivering services into these areas.

For high risk environments and the application of explicit ‘Safe Systems of Work’, we utilise the knowledge and experience of Authorising Engineers, Appointed Persons and Competent Person structures to manage and oversee the work requirements. We have access to independent resources as required to ensure any risk of internal influence is fully mitigated.

Worker Consultation & Involvement

As part of our process, we communicate with our workforce at all levels, through Employee Consultation Committees, management forums and subject matter experts to ensure our teams are fully engaged and involved in the continuous improvement of our polices and processes.

At its most effective, full involvement creates a culture where relationships between employers and employees are based on collaboration, trust, and joint problem-solving. Employees are consulted and involved in assessing workplace risks and the development and review of workplace policies in partnership.

Clients benefit from a fully engaged workforce who work to achieve the desired goals of both organisations. This has been demonstrated on our contract with Dixons Carphone, where we have introduced a series of measures to improve the maintenance regime at the distribution warehouse in Newark, which all came through consultation with the site base team. Similarly, a revised PPM regime, with maintenance frequency adjustments to non-compliance related activities, has also been recognised within our contract at Lincolnshire County Council, where our team work in conjunction with council employees.

Auditing Compliance

All processes are subject to audit, both internally and externally by third parties. Maintaining compliance is key to ensuring services are managed and delivered in line with current regulations. We audit our processes and how they are translated into practice by attending site with front line employees and monitoring how they go about their duties. 100% of certification is analysed within our systems and 5% selected for additional inspections on site to ensure compliance.

Audits are undertaken at all levels of the business, including by the senior management team, who undertake monthly visits to sites. Clients are invited to audit our performance and provide feedback on their findings.

All activities are recorded against specific and measurable criteria and scored accordingly. Scoring allows us to gauge the level of compliance against a pre-set range, which provides a guide to performance. All audit information is collated, and the data used to provide meaningful insight into contract performance, which is addressed formally at the regular Contract Review meetings or informally at daily ‘Touchpoint’ calls. Clients benefit from an open and transparent process which provides a tool for regular dialogue and continuous improvement.

Compliance PowerBI dashboards provide visual trend analysis and reporting functionality to portray audit information in a user-friendly display that can be filtered by collective or individual performance.

Supporting FM Deliveries

To assist in the effective execution of each contract, our compliance management team ensure that the information provided allows us to undertake our duties, remaining cognizant of individual skill-sets, qualifications and resourcing requirements, while simultaneously adhering to regulatory guidance and instruction. We also review delivery and back-up plans including Disaster Recovery to ensure the business maintains services at an acceptable level during outages.

Our clients benefit from a holistic view of services and associated risk management to ensure that potential problems are captured and mitigated as far as reasonably practicable across all workplaces and environments. Our team provide advice and guidance to all stakeholders to maintain compliance at all levels.

We recently assisted a client by analysing and reviewing their PPM delivery schedules and simplified the maintenance routines by adjusting frequencies to improve their level of compliance. There were some activities that were introduced as a result of our audit as the client would have remained non-compliant but were not aware.

Supporting Clients

We have a central resource which clients can access to gain knowledge. Our compliance team operate independently from the account teams and are able to provide impartial advice to clients, providing the best options when reviewing compliance requirements and activities. We assist clients through the process, providing guidance to facilitate change and improvement as necessary.

Our central Compliance Representative attends client meetings to discuss the factors driving the change requirements; this could be legislative or following a risk review of existing service delivery. Our representative has access to external experts for support, and they may accompany our representative during the discussion or presentation of any proposal or solution.

We have recently provided Smyths Toys, Transport for London and our Sheffield Schools contracts with assistance to undertake compliance reviews and facilitate the introduction of improvements to maintenance regimes, thereby ensuring our clients remain compliant with UK and Irish legislation.

Supporting Engineers

Our independent compliance team support our field engineers by providing advice and guidance on any engineering and compliance matters that require clarification. They are supported by subject matter experts including Authorising Engineers and Authorised Persons to ensure we have the capability to respond to all requests.

We provide information, instruction and training where applicable, enabling our engineers to undertake their duties efficiently and effectively. This includes holding workshops to advise them of any new compliance requirements in their field.

We also support the engineers by providing an administrative function with regard to accreditation renewals, obtaining the latest guidance including IET On-site Guide (18th Edition) for electricians, updating training histories and monitoring external training requirements. They have access to a range of training media utilising recognised third-party training providers to deliver the latest content.

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