Smart Places & Insights

Smart Places & Insights

Delivering digitally enhanced Facilities Management and Building Solutions services.

Our team create award-winning digital tools, systems and processes that support better decision making, improved service delivery, and operational cost savings.

Smart Places & Insights

Delivering digitally enhanced Facilities Management and Building Solutions services.

Our team create award-winning digital tools, systems and processes that support better decision making, improved service delivery, and operational cost savings.

Harnessing cutting-edge digital tools & methodologies to support clients across the UK.

VINCI Facilities offers an industry-leading approach to digital solutions. Utilising cutting-edge digital tools and methodologies, our network of in-house digital experts support the deployment of these solutions across our portfolio of projects.

By clicking on the interactive Smart Places and Insights Capability Wheel below, you can explore each facet of our expertise in this area.

Discover how we have enhanced our CAFM system by creating a bespoke interactive reporting and analytics platform called MYMI, which draws information from multiple systems into a single high-level dashboard. This provides a real-time picture of each contract, enabling performance to be analysed and improvements to be identified.

Gain an insight into how our Analysts use innovative machine learning technologies and visualisation tools to comb through historical performance data, enabling them to tell operators when and how an asset is likely to fail with a high degree of predictability, in turn ensuring money is spent where it is needed.

Learn how customers including the NHS, Ministry of Justice, and Office for National Statistics are benefiting from our state-of-the-art digital twins – high definition 3D models of their facilities, which are embedded with building performance and asset data to enable remote virtual walkthroughs and inspections to take place via virtual reality headsets.

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Smart Places & Insights

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Digital Skills & Training

Today’s digital technologies and tools are designed to enable users to serve themselves, whether that involves logging or tracking service requests or simply viewing information. VINCI Facilities’ analysts, however, go a step further by producing online tutorials as well as running face to face training seminars. These give users the skills they need to use our digital tools, turning data into knowledge and actionable insights. Our data is most valuable when people can use it to make better decisions or focus their time on the things that need most attention.

Our analysts provide ongoing support via our Digital Academy, regularly producing online videos, e-learning modules, vlogs, blogs and group webinars, as well as services in person during virtual floor walks, surgeries, web-chats and training classes delivered in our Digital Community Centre.

It is a comprehensive support service that truly empowers our clients and teams to become proficient with digital tools and data.

Clients including Dixons Carphone, the Welsh Government, Smyths Toys and Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council are active users of our platforms and are benefiting from improved productivity and happier teams.

Advanced Predictive Analytics

Using machine learning technologies and visualisation tools such as MS Power BI and IBM Cognos plus embedded Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools (BIRT), VINCI Facilities’ analysts comb through historical performance data to provide operators with statistically robust insights on when and how an asset is likely to fail. This helps our asset management and engineering team to turn inefficient unplanned maintenance activities and unnecessary time-based routine maintenances into efficient, targeted, condition-based, reliability-centred interventions (RCM).

For clients, this means budget is invested on what is needed, when it is needed, thereby freeing up funds for other business priorities and eliminating the operational impacts of unplanned failures.

Process Change & Redesign

While VINCI Facilities’ in-house digital team continue to develop our Computer-Aided Facilities Management (CAFM) software and information systems, automating more processes and providing deeper insights that reveal non-value-adding activities, our Green and Black Belt LEAN practitioners get to work with our operations teams to redesign work programmes and streamline processes. The goal is to accelerate service delivery and to help colleagues to utilise the capacity gains for more value-creating activities, such as building business cases to reduce expenditure whilst optimising asset performance and tailoring services to support client business priorities.

It is part of what makes us flexible, able to adapt and adjust in an agile manner. This means more value is realised more quickly, whether reducing maintenance budgets, improving asset condition or diverting funds to capital projects. Please CLICK below for further information:

BIM Support

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a collaborative approach to design, construction, and facility management, which offers improved processes and procedures to enhance communication, collaboration and control over the quality of design, operational delivery and asset management of lifecycle building and infrastructure assets.

VINCI provides comprehensive information management knowledge and project support processes for delivering UK BIM Framework ISO 19650 requirements and beyond. Our in-house experts offer advisory or hands-on training and project support processes from pre-construction to handover.

In 2020, VINCI Facilities was accredited by the British Standards Institute (BSI) for the latest UK BIM Framework ISO 19650 series of standards and continues to invest in the most up-to-date technology and training for our employees and managed supply chain.

VINCI Facilities has a strategic relationship and Enterprise Business Agreement (EBA) with leading BIM Software Technology vendors such as Autodesk. In 2018, we launched a bespoke BIM eLearning platform to improve the awareness and benefits of BIM. The eLearning platform was launched at Digital Construction Week in London and was made freely available to the UK Construction and Facilities Management Industry in partnership with the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB).

VINCI Facilities has strategically embedded sector-aligned in-house BIM specialists that work in partnership with our operational project teams that provide continuous information management support and processes training through our quality management system, ‘The Way We Work’.

Our BIM clients include the Ministry of Justice, Home Office and NHS.

Technical Services

Technical services improve the digitisation and digitalisation of the built environment and help owners focus on improving the quality of information management across the life cycle of building and infrastructure assets. This includes services focused on data capture, information management, training and contextual insights captured from digital forms, drones and laser scanning. These services help our clients in both the Capex and Opex phase of any built environment project to improve the accuracy of their asset data, reduce the cost of operation, streamline project delivery and discover new uses for their existing facilities. Data derived from advanced technologies such as point clouds are utilised to create interactive dilapidation survey walkthroughs or to construct 3D as-built BIM models. These accurate, asset-rich, as-built datasets are used to develop interactive feasibility studies in virtual reality for building adaptation, planning and budget or cost analysis proposals.

VINCI Facilities’ in-house team has over ten years of extensive knowledge in the area of asset data capture, design and information management. Our processes are accredited by the British Standards Institute (BSI) ISO 19650 series of standards and our technical specialists work in partnership with our parent and group companies to leverage and implement the best global industry practices and procedures.

We work in partnership with technology vendors such as Microsoft, Autodesk and Leica Geosystems to assist our clients in benefiting from improved data capture and information management processes. Our approach is to develop VMOST pathfinder projects to help our stakeholders understand the best method to digitising and digitalising their asset portfolio.

Clients include the Office of National Statistics.

SMART Buildings

A SMART building approach offers property and asset owners an opportunity to digitalise, adapt and automate their asset portfolio by creating live operational digital twins. These consist of accurate 3D graphical views that depict the layout and functional use of the built environment over time. Digital telemetry sensors are introduced that monitor asset health and usage. The data derived from these sensors are used to monitor and optimise the performance of the facility and individual assets.

This holistic approach to contextual asset management improves energy efficiency, reduces operational costs and provides new adaptive alternatives to space utilisation that serves the experience of facility occupants but as part of a more global view of asset productivity and performance.

VINCI Facilities has a unique market offering that combines over three decades of technical knowledge from three specialist UK departments focused on Energy & Water, Asset Management and Smart Places. Our combined experience allows us to provide holistic and effective solutions for improved building performance monitoring, maintenance budgeting and adaptation proposals.

We provide a live test environment at our regional Facility Management corporate offices in Manchester to evaluate and trial new Internet of Things (IoT) digital sensors.

In 2018, we undertook a research and development project for Asset Technologies at the request of the UK Cabinet Office in partnership with the i3P, Innovate UK and Manufacturing Technologies Centre in Coventry.

In 2020, we commenced a new predictive maintenance project at Clatterbridge Cancer Centre Hospital facility in Merseyside, which focusses on improving asset resilience and reducing energy usage and operation maintenance costs.

Interactive Dashboards & Applications

Real-time data streamed from multiple systems are integrated and translated by our analysts into live graphical displays and structured reports allowing the user to cut, dice and drill down into the data to pinpoint issues, see trends, understand cause and effect or see correlations between different data sets. Embedded applications prompt actions and approvals and interactive forms enable users to place service requests, monitor work in progress and request updates from our Customer Response Centre.

All this is enabled by the unique VINCI Facilities MYMI© information system, built within a Microsoft (MS) Azure Cloud platform. This platform contains our Common Data Environment (CDE), which is comprised of a data warehouse and other platforms for storing and managing our data (SharePoint/BLOB Storage).

Data is automatically processed through the use of Microsoft Data Factory and Extract, Transform, Load processes to ensure that information is available in real time. It means that structured internal and external data sources are fully connected, quality-assured and streamed directly to the user.

This platform has allowed us to deploy the latest applications and technologies (including data capture tools, artificial intelligence, sensor and machine learning technologies) rapidly and at scale to all our clients. That means that not only are our respective processes entirely joined up, controlled and governed from purchase to pay, but that all asset performance and expenditure information is available for benchmarking, life cycle planning and better decision-making within a secure ISO 27001 accredited data environment.

In fact, it is allowing our client Shell to oversee premises maintenance across the UK and even in Russia within one fully interactive portal and information hub.

Digital Twins & Contextual Reporting

VINCI Facilities’ in-house surveyors create high definition 3D models of client facilities, embedded with building performance and condition information and data-tagged against individual assets and rooms, enabling virtual building walk-throughs. Clients such as the NHS, Ministry of Justice and Office for National Statistics can now inspect automatically updated e-logbooks live from our CAFM database including data that is pinned to each asset in a 3D digital twin of the building. In this contextualise model, clients also see a representation of building occupancy, energy consumption profiles and aspects of building comfort, such as air quality.

This is created in-house by our digital solutions engineers using the latest Building Information Modelling (BIM) tools and operating to ISO 19650 information standards. For existing buildings, we use the latest Point Cloud LiDAR digital scanning handheld technologies for internal surveys or licenced drone partners for external aerial surveys. All data is processed in-house and presented within our MYMI© information hub.

This facilitates collaborative planning and problem solving between professions and stakeholders online, enabling coordination and review of complex works programmes, with controlled design or as-built information, all done as if you were physically on site. That means less time travelling to meetings and more time being productive, providing greater opportunity to get designs right first time. End users are able to provide their feedback throughout a construction project, enabling designers and building managers to match the end product to their client’s vision.

Collaboration Tools

VINCI Facilities’ digital engineers have developed a centralised ecosystem that connects the Microsoft (MS) Office 365 suite, MS Business Intelligence tools, and IBM Asset Management applications into the Cloud. Over this sits a graphical interface which allows clients and VINCI Facilities to manage records, documentation and notes within an intuitive, interactive and collaborative working environment.

Using extract, transfer and load (ETL), techniques, in-built Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and ITIL assured project management processes, our engineers can easily configure this platform to collate and share information from the client’s own systems. In doing so, we create a one stop shop of trusted information that all stakeholders can access remotely and use to collaborate in real time.

It allows you to network and share knowledge with peers and VINCI Facilities subject matter experts (SMEs) within online communities, and therefore makes our SMEs readily and easily accessible. That means clients get answers to questions quickly and also gain insights from across VINCI Facilities’ wider operations.

Clients including Sandwell Homes, the Welsh Government, Shell and Transport for London have learned to navigate this online information system by following bespoke e-learning modules and animated user journeys, specifically tailored to their needs by our digital engineers, making adoption of this valuable tool convenient and straightforward.

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