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Press Releases

VINCI Facilities extends its Facilities Management contract with Shell UK Retail

VINCI Facilities extends its Facilities Management contract with Shell UK Retail

VINCI Facilities confirms that it has extended its contract with Shell UK Retail and will continue to provide Facilities Management (FM) services across Shell’s nationwide portfolio of company owned retail sites.

The relationship began in 2018, when VINCI Facilities became one of Shell’s principle hard FM service providers, operating across 562 Shell owned service stations in the UK.

The two companies formed a strong understanding of each other’s values and business objectives with an open book approach ensuring full visibility of costs. To date, the VINCI Facilities team has provided savings greater than 10% on a like for like basis. Building on a successful mobilisation, the collaboration has led to a strong safety record, with zero LTIs and the team exceeding HSSE KPIs two years running. This performance has been achieved by embedding a leading indicator based HSSE strategy.

Like many other organisations, Shell and VINCI Facilities have been challenged by the COVID-19 pandemic. The strength of the relationship made it easier to create a flexible and agile operational plan that reduces risk to front line engineers, whilst supporting Shell and its team to keep sites open over the past 12 months.

Jack Prady, Account Director at VINCI Facilities said,

“Shell is a great partner to work with and we are proud of what we achieved, especially during the pandemic. It’s a real testimony to the teams drive and ambition, along with the tireless work that has gone into cementing the foundations to build and maintain a transparent operating model and relationship with our customer. One of the highlights of the last 12 months has been developing a maintenance model to support the new electric vehicle (EV) charging points and infrastructure, and we are looking forward to continuing the partnership and helping support Shell’s mobility ambitions beyond 2021.”

Supply Chain Sustainability School continues to positively impact a sustainable UK built environment, report finds

Supply Chain Sustainability School continues to positively impact a sustainable UK built environment, report finds

  • COVID-19 forced the Supply Chain Sustainability School to move all learning online, resulting in a year-on-year increase of 269% of members partaking in free training sessions; +101% utlising learning resources and +84% downloading e-learning.
  • The School helped 76% of members gain a better understanding of their organisations’ sustainability impacts: two thirds confirmed they had reduced their carbon emissions, over half reduced their waste, 44% improved air quality and 37% reduced their water consumption
  • Members are changing their business processes to embed sustainability thinking: over two thirds reported the School enabled this change
  • Three quarters of members admitted the School helped them gain a clearer understanding of their own business sustainability objectives, as well as client’s sustainability objectives
  • Findings also show the School helped companies be more collaborative, with 58% confirming they developed a better relationship with their suppliers

31st March, London, UK
— The Supply Chain Sustainability School, a multi-award-winning initiative which represents a common approach to addressing sustainability within supply chains, has today released its Impact Report, which surveyed over one thousand of its members across the country, to get their thoughts on what is important to their organisation and supply chain.

This report also offers insights on how the School has continued to positively impact organisations and supply chains, reinforcing the School’s mission to be the world-class collaboration enabling a sustainable built environment.

With nearly forty thousand registered users, the School provides free practical learning and support for the UK built environment, through: sustainability training, networking, e-learning modules, tailored assessments and online resources.

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic has been devastating socially and economically in many ways; however the UK’s built environment industry, after an initial closure of sites, has largely been encouraged to continue working and sustainability has sharply risen on the agenda.

COVID-19 forced the Supply Chain Sustainability School to move all learning online, resulting in a year-on-year increase of 269% of members partaking in free training sessions; +101% utlising learning resources and +84% downloading e-learning.

Organisations are becoming more environmentally conscious, with many more concerned about how to embed sustainability into their business practices. The School has been identified as being a powerful tool to help them do this. Over two thirds of members (68%) stated that the School enabled them to embed sustainability into their business processes and monitor and report on sustainability impacts (59%).

Furthermore, three in four members (76%) reported that by engaging with the School, they gained a better understanding of their organisations’ sustainability impacts. Two thirds (63%) confirmed they had reduced their carbon emissions and half reduced their waste (57%). In addition, 44% improved their air quality and 37% reduced their water consumption year on year.

Findings from the report also show that the School helped organisations be more collaborative, with 58% confirming they developed a better relationship with their suppliers.

The School is part-funded by CITB and industry Partners, with the direction of the School being led by over 121 Partners – working in collaboration, they share knowledge and free resources to inspire the UK built environment to drive positive change.

Shaun McCarthy OBE, Chair of the Supply Chain Sustainability School, said: “2020 has been a year like no other. In addition to needing to convert all our 250+ training sessions to virtual delivery almost overnight, we faced a financial future that was far from certain. I would like to thank our amazing team for pulling us through and to our loyal Partners who continue to support the School in growing numbers, helping to mitigate the financial shock from the temporary suspension of CITB funding. The School has emerged stronger from the crisis and we look forward to supporting the industry towards a sustainable future.”

Richard Bayliss, Sustainability and Innovation Policy Lead at CITB, said: "The School has turned the pandemic crisis into an opportunity to transform its service, far surpassing expectations and targets as a result. The dramatic increase in the numbers of learners also underlines industry’s increasing commitment to sustainability issues as we start to take bold steps towards Net Zero. Together we will continue to support the use of flexible learning resources that embed sustainability in work practice, deliver the skills needs of the future and underpin the transition to Net Zero.”

The Supply Chain Sustainability School provides free practical learning and support in the form of sustainability training, networking, e-learning modules, tailored assessments, action plans and a library of over 2,900 online resources. Sign up for free this spring:  

The full Impact Report can be found on the Supply Chain Sustainability School’s website.

VINCI Facilities backing early years intervention with Waltham Forest Ready for School

VINCI Facilities backing early years intervention with Waltham Forest Ready for School

VINCI Facilities backing early years intervention with Waltham Forest Ready for School

VINCI Facilities Building Solutions is providing £15,000 worth of support for the Waltham Forest Ready for School programme via its work with Peabody.

VINCI Facilities support builds upon the Building Solutions team successful involvement with Peabody’s early childhood literacy programme,Reading from the Start.

The Ready for School programme was piloted on Peabody’s Pembury Estate in Hackney. The programme prepares disadvantaged children to make a successful transition to school through home learning and co-ordinated family support. Peabody decided to offer it to children and families living on its Chingford Hall estate in Waltham Forest, beginning in April 2019 using the programme refined in Hackney. As a partner organisation, the Lloyd Park Children’s Charity committed £10k of the £25k full programme delivery costs to fund a teacher to lead the project.

The Ready for School Project is now in its second year in Waltham Forest and VINCI Facilities’ funding of £15,000 will support Peabody in offering it to local children and families for 2020/2021 with an emphasis on raising achievement of children through family support and tailored teaching for children on the Chingford Hall Estate.

Peabody creates extra value and impact in its communities through procurement, partnerships and everyday business activities.  Alongside quality services and value for money, Social value is a key factor in the selection of its supply chain- making a positive social, economic and environmental impact for the benefit of people living in a Peabody neighbourhood.

Sheila Gammans, Waltham Forest Community Programmes Manager, Peabody, said,
“Every week the children in our Ready for School programme meet at Chingford Community Hall for an interactive session planned around the Early Years Foundation Goals. All of our learning and play activities help to prepare the children for school. As a long-term partner of our educational programmes, VINCI Facilities’ commitment to and support for Peabody communities means that we can work together to continue supporting local families in Waltham Forest.”

VINCI Facilities and Peabody have an effective track record of working collaboratively to deliver social value in the communities we work in. Under the existing 10-year Quality Homes Contract and the original Thamesmead Towers Contract, VINCI Facilities Building Solutions made a commitment of both financial and in-kind support to Peabody Community Foundation (PCF).

Barry Boxall, managing director of VINCI Facilities Building Solutions said, “For us what we do is about improving the quality of life for the people in the communities we serve on behalf of Peabody. If we can make a difference through early years interventions, as well as the physical improvements to a community’s built environment, then that is a hugely important thing for our people and our business. It is something we take a real pride in doing – social value is not just something we do because of a commitment to the Social Value Act. We do it because it is the right thing do – ethically and morally. What’s more we are looking forward to supporting three new projects which directly support Peabody’s COVID-19 response to support its communities and vulnerable residents.”

VINCI Facilities backing early years intervention with Waltham Forest Ready for School

VINCI Facilities tops out the Sustainable Facilities Management Index

VINCI Facilities tops out the Sustainable Facilities Management Index

VINCI Facilities is the top ranked FM provider for sustainability in the Sustainable Facilities Management Index 2020 E-Awards (28 January 2021).

VINCI Facilities was recognised for its consistent high sustainability performance over continuous years and its ability to demonstrate a strongly embedded sustainability culture. Run by sustainability consultancy Acclaro Advisory, the SFMI is the only sustainability benchmark for the UK FM sector. Now in its eighth year, the SFMI judges the environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance of FM service providers annually.

Acclaro’s team conducts independent assessments across 23 criteria, including sustainability frameworks, management systems, social value, energy, water, compliance, health & safety, employee development, diversity and more. 

VINCI Facilities was cited as the stellar performer in terms of social value with a strong culture that encourages and incentivises staff to capture examples of social value. The company utilises a network of more than 20 ‘social value champions’ to drive the topic through every contract. The SFMI report also highlighted VINCI Facilities commitment and application of digital systems and picked out how its approach has driven social mobility, successfully upskilling 40% of people in its digital and performance team directly from its help desk.

Victoria Hughes, VINCI Facilities Business Responsibility Director said,
“It’s brilliant to be the top ranked FM company for sustainability by SFMI once again. It’s a great reward for our team and the whole business. Our 10-year sustainability journey has not been all smooth sailing, but the commitment and determination to embed key ESG priorities and measurement has continued in one of the toughest years. The recognition that our strategy is driven throughout our operations and integrated with our everyday processes, values and culture is a great testament to our clear 'line of sight' and the dedication of our wider team. Thank you to SFMI.”

Chris Havers, programme director of the SFMI for Acclaro Advisory, said,
“When we audited VINCI Facilities we found that the responsible business values really resonate throughout the business. Not just within the boardroom but across the whole organisation. You can see that the hard work, the values and the culture have sustainability embedded. They won this award a few years ago and have been regular platinum award winners. Congratulations for being our number one FM business this year.”

The SFMI audits revealed that sustainability remains high on the sector’s agenda, while the pandemic has encouraged FM organisations to prioritise wellbeing, health & safety, lockdown management and social value. 

The findings from the 2020 assessments suggest that while progress has been made, the industry has some clear areas to focus on:

  • The C-suite was primarily responsible for driving sustainability through regulations, commercial opportunities and greater customer alignment. However, organisations have yet to realise the full potential of commercialising sustainability.
  • The pandemic catapulted areas such as wellbeing, health & safety, social value and lockdown management to the top of the business agenda.
  • FM service providers developed and integrated social value frameworks at the corporate level, driven by the growing emphasis on social value within public sector contracts and government frameworks. Recently, the UK government launched the Procurement Policy Note 06/20, a new model outlining its social value criteria for the first time. However, integrating and embedding social value and capturing data that demonstrates its benefits remains a significant challenge.
  • In the first stage of a zero-carbon journey, a strong contingent within the FM sector is now pushing to decarbonise fleet emissions. In 2020, leading businesses were either developing strategies to decarbonise, making plans to financially invest in the process or actioning their strategy.
  • Leaders in FM have either published or are planning to publish zero carbon plans in early 2021. But these organisations must do more to measure supply chain emissions as well as the impact they have on their customer’s zero carbon efforts.
  • There was a shift toward the use of integrated workplace management systems. New mobile apps do everything from provide staff access to sustainability-related systems and online training programmes to capture data from sensors to create value for customers.
  • By aligning procurement with values based on a responsible business culture, client organisations can develop a more strategic, higher-value approach to sustainability.
  • To transform sustainability in FM, organisations must aim for a new responsible business model that helps transform their culture, values and systems.

This year’s results can be found in the ‘SFMI 2020 Summary Report’. To download the document, please click here.   

Research by VINCI Facilities argues FM industry is held back by short-term thinking

Research by VINCI Facilities argues FM industry is held back by short-term thinking

Research published by VINCI Facilities reveals that there is a lack of long-term strategic thinking amongst FM service providers and their customers that is limiting an opportunity to yield substantial business and social benefits.

A survey of over 200 respondents, drawn from leaders within the FM and built environment sectors, focussing on four key issues: wellbeing, climate change, collaboration and asset management show that whilst there are incredibly positive ambitions to achieve improvements in all areas, these goals are hampered by not enough clear-cut strategic action.

All four areas are defined as particularly important but lose sight of the main objective due to a focus on short term goals or confusion about priorities and definitions. For example, referring to climate change – widely regarded as a critical theme – most FM organisations have some form of environmental strategy in place, but ‘quick wins’ tend to be favoured over more challenging longer-term action. Crucially, the short-term focus often prevents organisations seeing the link between any, or all, of the four areas covered by the survey.

“This short-term approach is a common theme in our research,” said, Phil Russell, sales and marketing director, VINCI Facilities. “For example, the concept of collaboration is widely recognised across facilities management, but few organisations have comprehensive strategies for collaborative working. The frustrating thing is that everyone recognises the value of it and the survey showed that collaborative working improves morale, efficiency and customer satisfaction. There just isn’t a well thought through combination of people, process and technology to deliver impact.”

Collaboration – which is the first white paper to be published by VINCI Facilities – is highlighted as one of the critical elements in delivering effective FM and particularly actions around climate change, asset management and wellbeing. The survey indicates FM organisations are at risk of missing out on the benefits of collaborative working.

“If we combine that with the short-term focus on climate change as well as asset management and some elements of wellbeing then as a sector we are in danger of not delivering on our responsibilities to the built environment,” said Phil Russell.

The survey indicates that the real and effective change required to achieve the objectives the industry and built environment has specified needs to start at the very top of the business. It has to begin with clear vision and targets, and then include extensive listening, communication and inclusion down to grass roots support to ensure lasting change in deeply entrenched behaviours and assumptions across the entire organisation. If senior management understand the importance of the ambition and the benefits, then effective change – via collaborative working – can be delivered and targets achieved in terms of wellbeing, environment and efficiency generally. The lack of strategic thinking is linked to a lack of senior management engagement.

Phil Russell continues, “We want to change this mind set. We believe the industry can make a difference and make dramatic improvements in terms of wellbeing, sustainability and efficiency by taking a more strategic approach. Our goal is to drive that change by working with our stakeholders – up and down the supply chain – and work more closely together from the top, in terms of vision, to day-to-day communication and data sharing. In parallel to that we will be advocating a change of thinking across the sector and profession.”

VINCI Facilities is publishing four additional white papers following its research conducted in the autumn of 2020. The first – collaboration – is available now and the following three, climate change, wellbeing and asset management will be published between now and spring 2021. As each is made public there will be engagement events and key facts shared to drive the specific conversation and seek to change the mindset of stakeholders across FM and property services.

Key findings of the survey are –

  • Collaborative working improves morale, efficiency, and customer satisfaction
  • FM organisations recognise value of collaboration but are slow to put effective strategies into place
  • FM organisations at risk of missing out on benefits of collaborative working
  • FM organisations failing to capitalise on smart asset management
  • FM organisations recognise the value of good asset management, but too many organisations restrict themselves to simple repair logs and inventories and lack a comprehensive asset management strategy
  • Less than three-quarters of organisations bother to maintain a list of all their asset locations, and only 65% keep an inventory of individual assets. Shouldn’t modern FM businesses be keeping track of all their assets?
  • Few organisations have implemented advanced approaches like predictive analytics, sensor/machine learning technology and reliability-centred maintenance. Why is this? What are the barriers?
  • Many organisations have the seeds of a robust AM strategy, such as a computerised asset-based maintenance management system or a digital record of the condition of all assets. How can this be transformed into a just in time system?
  • FM organisations need a longer-term approach to environmental and sustainability action
  • ‘Quick fix’ measures inadequate to meet FM industry commitment to environmental reform
  • Over 70% of respondents told us that their business has some form of formal sustainability/ environmental strategy in place, with 56% indicating that their strategy specifically focuses on carbon reduction
  • Only 32% of organisations surveyed were carrying out whole-life assessment of their assets, yet the potential to reduce waste and carbon emissions through a greater understanding of assets is huge.
  • FM industry needs to work together to develop an effective response to environmental crisis
  • Buy-in from the top is essential to an effective collaboration, efficient asset management and successful environmental and decarbonisation strategy

The full versions of each white paper are being published over the next six months. The first to go live is the report on collaboration. It is available here.

All photos in our white paper were taken prior to social distancing measures.

VINCI Facilities driving towards 40% carbon emissions reduction targets


VINCI Facilities and VINCI Construction UK accelerated its drive towards its target of 40% reduction in carbon emissions with the delivery of its first tranche of Polestar 2s for its team last week.

Six cars were delivered to the VINCI plc headquarters in Watford and another seven are on order.  This batch of Polestars is for the senior team who are leading by example. The electric vehicles are just a small part of the VINCI’s wider environmental strategy that is advocating a switch to EVs where it is suitable.

VINCI is inviting all employees to make the transition to zero carbon transport, wherever possible, and provides an EV option at every grade of company car allowance across the business. Anyone can make the switch provided they can park their new car off road at their home address for ease of charging and undertake less than 40,000 km (or 25,000 miles) on the road each year. Vehicles are available to VINCI drivers with a range from the Polestar through to a Vauxhall Corsa.

Last week saw colleagues from VINCI’s building, facilities management and civil engineering teams take deliveries. There is huge interest from all parts of the business and VINCI believe there might be as many as 100 EVs delivered to the business by the first quarter of 2021. The Polestar 2 (pictured) chosen by senior teams has a WLTP (Worldwide Harmonised Light-vehicle Test Procedure) range of 292 miles with a 78-kwh dual motor and is four-wheel drive.

“The Polestar saves money as well as carbon as we benefit from the Government grant available and we are immediately removing traditional fossil fuelled vehicles from the fleet,” said VINCI Construction UK’s plant and fleet director, Andrew Thomsett. “We want to make the switch to EVs as easy as possible for our people and the fleet team have been helping them on this journey by providing step by step guides to help them make the right choice for their working life and driving behaviours.”

Julian Gatward, managing director of Taylor Woodrow, the civil engineering division of VINCI Construction UK, said, “We have made a commitment not just to cut our emissions as a business, but to do so by going electric and not hybrid. It’s hard to predict the short-term impact on our CO2 emissions but if we pursue the strategy across cars and vans, we will make a significant cutover time.”

VINCI Construction UK is working with Actemium, part of VINCI Energies, to install fast chargers to its offices and Pod Point have been installing home charging points for our employees at home. The next step is to target the commercial vehicle fleet, something that VINCI Facilities and the VINCI Fleet department is already researching and investing in.

“A significant proportion of our vans and cars are due for replacement in the next two years.  We have the EV plan for cars in place and now in VINCI Facilities we are looking at options to switch our diesel or petrol vans to EVs in the next three years,” added Tony Raikes, managing director of VINCI Facilities. “The switch to an EV car and van fleet requires investment in supporting infrastructure and training as well as setting up home charging for our people to use so it is as easy as possible. Making the switch away from diesel and petrol transport is the right thing to do, but it has to be done in a way that works and that means helping everyone see the benefits environmentally, socially and operationally.”

Chris Hamer, managing director VINCI Construction UK said, “The switch to electric vehicles is one of the most visible parts of what is a wider environmental policy reflecting the group’s global ambitions. As a business and a team we are always looking at ways to meet the expectations of our customers and honour our obligations to deliver projects as sustainably as possible.”

VINCI Facilities delivering cancer hospital FM in Liverpool worth £5m

Photo: Paul Karalius

VINCI Facilities has successfully mobilised and begun delivery of a five-year contract worth £1.05M annually to deliver hard FM services to The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre NHS Foundation Trust.

The £5M contract was awarded in late 2019 following a competitive process via the Crown Commercial Services RM1056 FM Framework and mobilised in February 2020 prior to the hospital opening in June 2020 during the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic.

"This £162M new Cancer Centre is hugely important for the region. It is delivering cutting edge treatments including Chemotherapy, Immunotherapy and Radiotherapy and will serve an area with some of the highest rates of cancer nationally. At any time it would be a great project for VINCI Facilities to be involved in, but at such a difficult time for the country and healthcare it is more important than ever,” said Tony Raikes, managing director of VINCI Facilities. “With an open-air open winter garden at lower level and terraces on the higher levels, the whole design lends itself to the best possible patient experience, which our FM services will support 100%."

The VINCI Facilities team deals direct with Clatterbridge PropCare Services Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of the NHS Trust, providing hard FM services to a new specialist cancer treatment centre with 110 inpatient beds, five linear accelerators and bespoke day case facilities for the treatment of both solid tumour and blood cancers.

PropCare chose VINCI Facilities as its FM specialist and trusted partner to support them because of its award-winning reputation in healthcare FM – particularly its work supporting the delivery of best in class patient care at St. Helens and Knowsley NHS Trust. The VINCI Facilities hard FM services have included managing and maintaining medical gas systems, building management systems, fire alarms, security systems, the built fabric, lifts and M&E.

Warren Hubbard, director for healthcare at VINCI Facilities said, "It’s a privilege to be involved at Clatterbridge. We have strong evidence of our reputation for excellence – proof that what we do really does support positive outcomes for patients and clinical teams, not just the estates department we work alongside. Since we mobilised we have concentrated on applying our digital skills to create an interactive dashboard, incorporating sound and vision to reduce maintenance downtime and ensure the highest levels of patient experience and backing up the clinical teams as best we can."

The new Clatterbridge Cancer Centre - Liverpool is in the heart of the city and sits alongside the new Royal Liverpool University Hospital and the University of Liverpool. Since opening in June, it has become The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre’s main site. (The Trust also continues to provide cancer care at its centres in Wirral and Aintree, other hospitals across Cheshire & Merseyside and in the community.) The new hospital provides specialist chemotherapy and other drug therapies, radiotherapy, inpatient and outpatient care, cancer support and rehabilitation, bone marrow transplant and urgent cancer care. There are also facilities for teenagers and young adults with cancer.

Fiona Jones, PropCare’s managing director commented, "VINCI come to us with an excellent reputation in healthcare and an established presence on Merseyside which has allowed them to offer us a high level of service at a good price. We have been really impressed by the calibre of the VINCI team at all levels and by their commitment to delivering a great service. The new Clatterbridge Cancer Centre in Liverpool is an exciting and extremely important development for the city, and we look forward to working closely with VINCI to provide an excellent level of care to all of our patients."

Tony Raikes, managing director for VINCI Facilities, added: "The new Clatterbridge Cancer Centre is going to play a critical part on the lives of patients and their families across the region, not just Liverpool, because it is part of a wider Transforming Cancer Care investment in improving cancer care across Merseyside and Cheshire. We have a responsibility to those patients and their relatives, and we will also be making sure that we put something back into the communities to make sure we make a difference through structured social value work – not just our facilities services."

Photo: Paul Karalius

Photos: Paul Karalius

VINCI Facilities on the right track with East Midlands Railway

VINCI Facilities on the right track with East Midlands Railway

VINCI Facilities has confirmed that it has been successfully delivering a total FM contract to East Midlands Railway since early in 2020.

In what is a five year contract worth around £4m annually, it’s team is providing hard and soft FM services such as M&E, planned and reactive fabric maintenance, minor works and some trackside operations as well as cleaning services (including deep cleaning, in transit and turnaround cleaning), pest control and vegetation management at stations across the EMR network. The agreement was reached with Abellio in March 2020 and covers 90 stations and offices from Derby, Leicester and Nottingham and Lincoln to Cleethorpes, Sheffield and Loughborough.

The Abellio Group selected VINCI Facilities as its FM partner within the East Midlands Rail Train Operating Company on the back of VINCI’s group reputation in rail sector. Taylor Woodrow, VINCI’s civil engineering arm, has undertaken a range of rail projects such as at Norwich Crown Point Depot, White Hart Lane and Cross Rail.

“Before the contract was formalised the VINCI team undertook additional cleaning and maintenance and delivered a 100-day clean programme – which confirmed why we appointed them. We were always seeking a partner with a collaborative approach and that’s exactly what we have got with the VINCI Facilities team,” said Bob Mercer, senior category manager at EMR.

VINCI Facilities has a growing reputation in the rail sector building on works with Transport for London and its close relationship with its sister company Taylor Woodrow.

“We have begun well, but all of us were challenged within weeks of mobilisation when lockdown occurred,” explains Paul Taylor, customer director VINCI Facilities. “We all adapted well to working around COVID19 and we are now focussing on a full asset management appraisal working as a team.”

VINCI Facilities on the right track with East Midlands Railway

Photos: East Midlands Railway

VINCI Facilities celebrates World FM Day!

VINCI Facilities celebrates World FM Day!

World FM Day marks the annual global celebration of facilities management and facilities managers, especially appropriate at this point this year.

VINCI Facilities teams are working at eleven hospitals across the UK doing exceptional work providing critical support for the NHS in its response to COVID-19. Louise Jackson, has been a Facilities Manager for VINCI Facilities for over 10 years, previously working at High Wycombe, Amersham and Henley hospitals, but now leads the VINCI Facilities team at Queen Elizabeth Hospital Woolwich, she told us about what they are dealing with right now.

Like everyone, once the UK went into lockdown everything changed. Our immediate task was to look forward: to prepare for the peak of admissions being predicted.

We found ourselves doing everything from installing new walls to plumbing in and fitting extra washing machines and tumble dryers for site staff. A great example is how we coped with fitting over 100 doors across three floors and the A&E department over a weekend and liaising with police and local government, plus the Port of London Authority to allow the lorry to actually deliver the doors let alone install them.

The main operational change has been a move to the business continuity plan. It’s more important than ever that we work around the clinical teams: all the wards are open, but no-one is meant to be in the hospital corridors except site teams, doctors, and nurses.  

None of this is normal, but we make the best of it. We start with coffee mornings at 8am; maybe a bit of PE with Joe Wicks One of the best things is we are talking to each other more than ever. The motto is: Be Kind & Be Safe.

We need that resilience because there are things, we are doing that really are mission critical. For example, the oxygen infrastructure at QEH has been under enormous demand, supplying critical oxygen around the hospital. But due to the increase in patient numbers and specific need for increased oxygen flow rates the external pipework had started to freeze over. Under normal circumstances we would be reviewing this pipework on a daily basis, as part of our normal checks; but due to this increase in demand the system needed constant review. Our engineering team designed and installed a de-icing station to ensure that the pipework never freezes over.

One of the many positives is that the NHS Trust is seeing a different side to VINCI Facilities. We work well with them anyway, but the shared response to COVID 19 means it’s more than just a PFI job. It’s obvious we are an embedded partner and the feedback from the client team has reinforced that.
It looks like we made it through the peak. But we are not slowing down. It means checks, checks and constantly reviewing stock levels. It also means we need to look out for each other – our mental health first aider is busy; her room is often booked out.

We need to be brave. Work as a team and focus on the job. It isn’t normal, but we are good at adapting.

Divisional Director of VINCI Facilities appointed as Trustee Board Member for mental health charity

VINCI Facilities are pleased to announce that Divisional Director Paul Cottam, has been appointed as a Trustee Board Member for mental health awareness charity Mates in Mind. Having been involved with the charity for over two years, Paul was asked to join the board to help continue with the amazing work Mates in Mind has already achieved since its launch in 2016.

Paul Cottam a Chartered Engineer and Director of VINCI Facilities said:

“Having been involved in the decision to establish Mates in Mind over two years ago I’m thrilled to be asked to join the board. Clearly these are very different and challenging times and I look forward to working with my fellow board members in the expansion of our Wellbeing support to organisations and their people throughout the UK. I really believe we can make a difference.”

Tony Raikes, Managing Director of VINCI Facilities said:

“This is great news for Paul and VINCI Facilities. Along with the recent appointment of Group Health and Wellbeing Manager, Helen Knight this shows the measures our business is taking to illustrate the importance of looking after our employee’s mental health as well as our own. Both appointments couldn’t have come at a more crucial time. Mental Health will be a primary focus as we move to the next stage of the COVID19 crisis.”

Steve Hails, Chair of Mates in Mind’s Board of Trustees said:

“We are pleased to welcome Paul Cottam to the Mates in Mind Board and are grateful for the opportunity to be working together to drive our vision of fostering mentally healthy workplaces across the UK. With his wealth of experience, Paul will be helping Mates in Mind continue to be the change needed to improve workplace mental health.

“Paul is an experienced Trustee, having previously spent nine years on the board of the British Safety Council, and has held several board directorships in the built environment sector over the last 20 years. As such we welcome his business expertise, and passion that, not just Safety, but Wellbeing, is a key business success indicator across the construction and property related sectors”

James Rudoni, Managing Director at Mates in Mind said:

“Mates in Mind are pleased to have Paul Cottam join our dedicated team and look forward to collaborating on future work to continue driving positive and long-lasting change within the construction industry and beyond.”

VINCI Construction and VINCI Facilities support the NHS

VINCI Construction UK has teams of employees working in eleven healthcare sites across the North West, Midlands and the South East and is working with the same number of NHS Trusts in support of the NHS and the fight against COVID-19.

VINCI Construction UK is a major provider of FM and construction services to the NHS; its people are working hard behind the scenes to support the NHS, its clinical teams and other keyworkers during the COVID-19 crisis.

VINCI Construction is directly involved, under the banner of Integrated Health Projects (a fully integrated joint venture between VINCI Construction UK and Sir Robert McAlpine) helping to deliver a number of critical healthcare schemes to give the NHS extra capacity – one of which is the Manchester Nightingale. They are also undertaking two critical care units in the North West where the teams are looking to speed up the delivery of a new intensive care unit.

Meanwhile, VINCI Facilities is continuing to manage ongoing repair and maintenance of hospital wards and essential services to keep wards going, whilst backing up clinical staff and to help with the reconfiguration of other wards in the hospitals to re-purpose them to support the effort against COVID-19. This work has been bolstered by diverting volunteers from VINCI Facilities mobile repair teams, (MRTs) to support its existing facilities management service across several hospitals. 

Like many other organisations, its employees are going the extra mile by volunteering to help the NHS directly. VINCI Construction UK is supporting these volunteers and working with them to adapt their current role, and then help them to find the best way possible for them to assist the NHS. This is not only the right thing to do but is also a natural extension of VINCI’s Stand Out and make a Difference (SOMAD) commitment to volunteering in our local communities.

VINCI Facilities sends more of its people to help the NHS and its key workers

VINCI Facilities is diverting volunteers from its mobile repair teams (MRTs) to support existing facilities management services across several hospitals in the North West, Midlands and South East.

VINCI already is a major provider of FM to the NHS and its people are working hard behind the scenes to support the NHS, its clinical teams and other keyworkers during the COVID-19 crisis.

As well as supporting with the ongoing repair and maintenance of hospital wards and essential services to keep wards going and back up clinical staff, VINCI Facilities engineers and teams are going to be working to help with reconfiguration of other wards in the hospitals to re-purpose them to support the effort against COVID-19.

Its teams will be bolstered by the engineers that usually work in the retail sector supporting charity and large chain store contracts bringing with them much needed extra help in maintaining electrical services and systems, air conditioning, heating and ventilation as well as building repairs and joinery work.

The MRTs will be providing cover for staff who are unable to attend work through illness or self-isolation as well as add depth to the existing numbers of engineering staff giving further, much needed support.

VINCI Facilities starts work with Cadw, the Welsh Government's historic monument service

VINCI Facilities starts work with CADW, the Welsh Government's historic monument service

VINCI Facilities has won a three-year total facilities management contract with Cadw, the Welsh Government’s historic monument service, across its entire estate throughout Wales. The work was secured via the Crown Commercial Services framework and is mobilising right now.

Cadw is part of the Welsh Governments Culture, Sport and Tourism Department – with a mission to care for Wales’ historic environment for the benefit of people today and in the future. Cadw is the Welsh word for protect and VINCI Facilities will be working across Wales to provide Facilities Management Services to 130 monuments in State care.

VINCI Facilities has a strong relationship Welsh Government and this new contract adds to an existing portfolio of Welsh Government contracts including providing a total FM solution to the Economy and Infrastructure department and the Office for National Statistics, based in Newport.

The team from VINCI Facilities will be cleaning all of the modern visitor centres across the estate but a critical part of the service will be the landscaping and external works. Many of the monuments have extensive grounds and VINCI Facilities will be managing tree surveys, grounds maintenance, all hard and soft landscaping, including waterways and bridges and all mechanical and electrical maintenance.

All of the works will be planned and reactive with the team providing a 24-hour call out service backed by its helpdesk based in Bridgend, South Wales. Further work will include M&E, lift installations and new IT infrastructure, as well as biodiversity, energy management, pest control, security and waste removal. The extensive grounds, biodiversity and energy management means that sustainability and a commitment to the environment will be at the heart of the service.

Tony Raikes, managing director of VINCI Facilities said,
“Over the years we have built up a partnership with Welsh Government and this new piece of work confirms that. We have an advantage in that we know Wales and our teams responded quickly to what Cadw needed. It truly is a total FM service and as part of the mobilisation process one key task is a detailed asset survey and update of the asset register. It is a great challenge and we are very proud to be given the responsibility. The contract is very different in many ways – it is about far more than managing assets. It is about being part of the custodianship of the historical environment and welsh heritage.”

Image: © Crown copyright (2020) Cadw, Welsh Government

VINCI Facilities reports revenues of £300M for 2019

Following strong figures projected halfway through 2019 VINCI Facilities has reported sustained growth with revenues of around £300M for the full year.

VINCI Facilities has built its success over the last 10 years on their focus on responsible management of the business and listening to its stakeholders. One of the mainstays of the company’s success is its ability to retain existing customers. It has a customer recommendation rating of almost 90% and 96% of its facilities and building solutions work across 2019 was delivered to existing clients.

The team extended contracts with customers such as Dixons Carphone, Smyths Toys and Debenhams whilst continuing to deliver a growing pipeline of work for customers such as the Ministry of Justice, Sandwell Metropolitan Borough council and Peabody homes. VINCI Facilities’ strong delivery at St Helens and Whiston trust led to the award of the recently constructed Clatterbridge Cancer Centre NHS Foundation Trust and new contract wins for the Welsh Government and TfL were also secured throughout the year. 

Tony Raikes, managing director of VINCI Facilities said,

“We have had a great 2019 and we’re very optimistic about 2020, although we are not judging our success purely in financial terms. As a global operation, VINCI applies its code of ethics right across its service lines ensuring we act responsibly as a force for good. Everything we do has an impact somewhere upon society and our planet and in the longer term I want our business to be net positive in terms of the social and environmental value we create versus the natural resources we utilise. Our customers face the same challenges as ourselves and we will continue to support them through the services we deliver in both our facilities and building solutions operations.”

In 2019 VINCI Facilities delivered around £3m of social value via community initiatives, literacy programmes, volunteering and outreach schemes. There’s a commitment to a 40% reduction in CO2 by 2030 as a move towards carbon neutrality and the business has aligned itself with the UN sustainable development goals.

“We’ve been given tough targets by our parent, VINCI SA. But what’s great is that our people are already motivated to behave responsibly and drive improvements in sustainability and wellbeing in everything that we do – inside and outside of the business,” explained Tony Raikes. “We have built a strong base over the last few years. We have a supplier satisfaction rating of 81% and we have an employee engagement score of 84%. There’s a commitment from everyone in VINCI Facilities to provide value for money and behave as responsible custodians of our communities and our planet.”

VINCI Facilities performance in 2019 was mirrored across the whole VINCI Group, with revenues rising to €49bn alongside a global focus on Social Value creation and Environmental impact reduction. These figures were announced in early February.

VINCI plc and VINCI Construction UK results are posted on 5 March and Tony Raikes is available for interview after this date.

VINCI Facilities awarded new Facilities Management contract by Transport for London

VINCI Facilities has been awarded a three year maintenance and development contract with the option to extend for two years to provide Total Facilities Management services for around 2,000 properties across Transport for London’s (TfL) commercial estate in the capital, which includes retail, industrial and some residential units, and deliver a great customer service for TfL’s tenants.

Building on VINCI Facilities existing relationship with TfL, the contract, which was awarded following a competitive tender process, will commence in early 2020. As well as providing a Total Facilities Management service, VINCI Facilities will work with TfL in its efforts to be a landlord of choice, improving and developing the estate and the services provided to its tenants.

Across its estate, TfL has a range of tenants, from large companies to small businesses who have utilised units to establish their first bricks and mortar offering, which each contribute to supporting the capital’s economy by encouraging growth and creating jobs. The work VINCI Facilities will undertake will include conducting a detailed survey of the estate as well as providing and developing a helpdesk, Computer-aided Facilities Management (CAFM) system and data management processes, which will give real-time information and enable faster responses and decision-making.

Tony Raikes, managing director, VINCI Facilities said: “It is fantastic to be working together with Transport for London to provide them with a Total Facilities Management service for their commercial estate. We are excited to be supporting TfL and delivering value by maintaining, developing and improving TfL’s commercial estate and its service to its tenants.”

Graeme Craig, Director of Commercial Development at TfL, said: “As one of London’s biggest landlords, our commercial estate plays a huge role in raising significant revenue to reinvest in the transport network and so it is vital that we continue to service, maintain and develop our estate and what it has to offer. By constantly looking to improve, we are supporting our tenants to continue playing a vital role in supporting the capital’s success and economy. VINCI Facilities has been awarded this contract in order to help us do that and we look forward to working with them.”

VINCI Facilities targets £2.9b defence FM work on back of strong performance

VINCI Facilities has confirmed a strong performance for the first half of 2019 and is committed to further showcasing its defence and digital capabilities with the MoD in the autumn, as part of its tender to win a share of the £2.9B Future Defence Infrastructure Services (FDIS) framework for hard services.

VINCI Facilities continues to build on its reputation for consistent delivery of FM services in some challenging and eclectic end user environments right across the UK. Highlights so far include successfully mobilising a four-year Department for Education (DfE) facilities management contract administered by LocatED to deliver security, repairs, maintenance and compliance services to DfE-owned sites prior to development of free-schools, as well as beginning a new £20m four-year contract with Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council to deliver external improvement works across its social housing estates. This all follows on from the renewal of the Canal Rivers Trust and Cancer UK contracts, works with the National Trust, Shell, expansion into the automotive sector, and its ongoing works with Welsh Government and various local and central Government departments, including Lincolnshire County Council and the Royal Parks.  

In February VINCI Facilities secured one of the six primary FM service provider places on the Future Defence Infrastructure Services (FDIS) framework for the Built Estate Tender due in September 2019. This procurement includes £2.9 billion worth of contracts for the maintenance and refurbishment of tri-service facilities for the MoD throughout the UK, which are being procured as part of the Crown Commercial Service’s (CCS) Workplace Services Facilities Management Marketplace framework. Drawing on experience supporting the USAAF and various other Group projects on behalf of the MoD, VINCI have established a dedicated and bespoke team targeting these major defence contracts.

VINCI Construction UK launches new Health & Safety strategy – THINK AGAIN

VCUK has introduced a refreshed approach to improving health & safety which recognises the significant role that behaviour has on influencing the performance of the organisation.

THINK AGAIN will focus on how behaviour and choice can help to drive positive outcomes making our workplaces safer and healthier places for our people, contractors and clients.

The core of the programme will be reflected in a framework of six essential behaviours that everyone in the business will adopt to help ensure that excellent culture leads to excellence in performance.

Gary Carvell, Health, Safety, Quality & Environment Director said:

“Human behaviour is a complex thing, we know that, and understanding why people choose to work unsafely is fundamental to understanding how those choices can be influenced. However, unlike some behavioural programmes, we don’t just focus on the person who’s been injured and what they did or didn’t do.

“We recognise the importance of interdependence, within teams and most importantly, up and down the ‘management line’. That’s why there are also six essential behaviours for Managers & Supervisors and a further six for the senior leadership team.”

The THINK AGAIN programme will make it clear to everyone the behaviours expected of them, and the behaviours they can expect from others as part of a fair and accountable culture.

Gary Carvell continued,

“VINCI Construction’s record on Health & Safety is good – there is a consistent downward trend in most of our measures. But we refuse to allow our confidence to trick us into being comfortable and we want to be better. Our goal is to reduce injuries and ill health at work as far as we possibly can. That’s why we’re taking this opportunity to think again.”

VINCI Facilities win DfE FM contract

VINCI Facilities has been awarded a four-year facilities management contract by the Department for Education (DfE). The contract will be administered by LocatED, the government-owned property company, responsible for buying and developing sites in England for the DfE free schools programme.

The VINCI Facilities team will deliver security, repairs and maintenance and compliance services to DfE-owned sites that have been acquired for free schools, during the holding period prior to development starting and schools opening.

VINCI won a competitive tender via the Crown Commercial Services (CCS) framework and will mobilise mid-2019. VINCI Facilities aims to maximise its digital systems and make efficiencies during the mobilisation phase and then going live will implement its integrated supply chain delivery model with a dedicated management team.

Tony Raikes, Managing Director, VINCI Facilities said:

“We have a strong reputation in education and commercial spaces and this new work with LocatED and the DfE allows us to showcase both skill-sets. It’s an exciting opportunity and we are very much looking forward to mobilising promptly and effectively.”

VINCI Facilities confirms £20m contract with Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council

VINCI Facilities has won a new four-year contract with Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council to deliver external improvement works across its social housing estates starting in January.

Delivered by VINCI Facilities Building Solutions Midlands team the work will include upgrading doors, windows, roofs and security for Sandwell’s social housing stock in the southern half of the borough - Oldbury, Rowley Regis and Smethwick - and builds on a successful 14-year relationship with the council.

The team’s experience and understanding of tenant’s requirements is important as a key aspect to the contract is the partnership with the council’s own team, working to tight budgets and establishing a planned and cyclical maintenance schedule.

VINCI Facilities Building Solutions team already appreciate that many residents face the dilemma of fuel poverty, spending a significant amount of money paying fuel bills. Therefore, as the team assess the properties and deal with the tenants, they will make recommendations about improving the energy efficiency of properties over and above any external works.

Councillor Kerrie Carmichael, Sandwell’s cabinet member for housing, said: “This latest phase of investment in our council homes will see thousands of tenants benefiting from these external improvements which also include replacing all wooden front and rear doors with composite doors providing better insulation and improved security.

“This scheme is part of the council’s £485 million ten-year Housing Investment Programme which focuses on improving the council’s existing housing stock as well as building new council homes.”

Tony Raikes, managing director of VINCI Facilities said,

“Social housing is major part of our Building Solutions operation and it is great to be able to continue our long relationship with Sandwell MBC. Alongside the council we are working with Guinness Partnerships, Peabody and Camden Borough Council as well as delivering improvements for a range of other councils and social housing providers. Across all this work we are very keen to not just meet the contract obligations but go further and add value to local communities and really make a difference to residents. That’s why we are excited about applying our digital solutions.”

Pickfords and VINCI Facilities win Partnership in Relocation PFM Award

Pickfords and VINCI Facilities win Partnership in Relocation PFM Award

Pickfords Business Solutions and VINCI Facilities, the construction and facilities management experts, were awarded ‘Best Partnership in Relocation’ at the PFM Awards 2018.

The awards, created by PFM Magazine recognize companies and suppliers that forge effective partnerships within the Facilities Management industry.  The awards were held at a glittering black tie event at The Brewery in London and this category award was presented by the BAR’s Commercial Moving Group chairman Nigel Shaw.

The teams from Pickfords Business Solutions and VINCI Facilities were delighted to receive the award, which is a reflection of the long standing partnership forged between both companies.  The award followed a year when VINCI Facilities and Pickfords relocated Convent Garden’s flower and vegetable markets, collaborated to find a national, multi-site digital asset verification solution and helped clients achieve their sustainability goals through Pickfords’ furniture recycling and reuse service.

Head of Business Solutions Martin Budd said “We are delighted to have won this award with VINCI Facilities.  I want to congratulate teams from both companies.  The award is a reflection of the strength of our long term partnership and the collaborative working which has provided ongoing benefits to VINCI Facilities clients in the last year.”

Head of Asset Management at VINCI Facilities , Duncan Hartley said “This award highlights the strength in depth and integration of the supply chain partnership between the VINCI Facilities and Pickford's businesses. Very well done to both teams! I am very proud to be a part of it, in promoting the VINCI Facilities and Pickford’s brands within the FM Industry.”

Welsh Government awards £38M FM deal to VINCI Facilities

VINCI Facilities has won a new five-year contract with the Welsh Government’s department of Economy and Infrastructure to provide total facilities management and affiliated services across its property portfolio.

Secured via the National Procurement Service for Wales, the VINCI Facilities team will be delivering FM solutions covering a diverse range of buildings and facilities throughout Wales. With around 100 people transferring to VINCI Facilities, it will put together dynamic teams strategically located across Wales.

The team will be retained locally with opportunities for apprenticeships together with creating many business opportunities for Wales based SMEs as part of the supply chain; this new relationship will bring many benefits for and within Wales.

The nature of the work and its scale – there are around 1,200 properties – means there is focus on the effective use of CAFM and data management that supports the correct allocation of resources deployed throughout the contract.

Tony Raikes, managing director said,

“This builds on our track record with the Welsh Government and confirms our ability to deliver consistent services right across Wales. It is exciting because with so many different services and such a variety of facilities the contract pushes the boundaries of FM, something that our team really appreciates and was recognised during the tender process.”

VINCI Facilities confirms nationwide FM contract with Shell UK Retail

VINCI Facilities confirms nationwide FM contract with Shell UK Retail

VINCI Facilities has confirmed it has been awarded a contract with Shell UK Retail to provide FM services across its nationwide portfolio of company owned retail sites.

VINCI Facilities will become one of Shell’s principle hard FM service providers operating across its UK retail forecourts. The two companies formed a strong understanding of each other’s values and business objectives which allowed VINCI to create a tailored operating solution to align with Shell’s 2025 retail business ambitions. 

VINCI Facilities’ team will embed the latest FM technology, digitising many aspects of the operation to deliver a best in class service that is fast, efficient and focused on quality and information visibility.

One of the goals for VINCI Facilities will be change the emphasis to preventative maintenance, improving efficiency and bringing significant savings to the Shell maintenance budget and improving the overall experience of anyone visiting a Shell fuel station.

Key to the performance measurement will be proactive data analysis and reporting processes.

Paul Cottam, director of VINCI Facilities said,

“Obviously it is a great testimony for us to be working with Shell, but it is also an exciting challenge as well. We will deploy what we believe are the most innovative ideas to speed up response rates for our mobile teams and provide complete compliance assurance to Shell when we are on site anywhere in the UK.”

Jennie Lane, UK Retail Network Delivery Manager said

 “We are delighted to be appointing VINCI Facilities as our Facilities Management partner, having been particularly impressed with their strengths in innovative maintenance solutions. We very much look forward to working with VINCI Facilities and its wider

£207K funding for local charities awarded to help tackle social exclusion

VINCI businesses across the UK will collaborate with local charities to help people suffering from social exclusion by fostering community integration and strengthening social cohesion.

As well as providing £207,000 in grants, employees of VINCI businesses will dedicate some of their time to support vital charities in their local areas.

The VINCI UK Foundation, funded by VINCI businesses across the UK, supports groups and charities, which work to tackle social exclusion, foster community integration and improve access to employment and housing. The foundation launched in early 2016, with the aim of supporting good causes and providing skilled volunteers.

Grants awarded help charities to purchase or upgrade much needed resources such as tools, equipment or transport and refurbish their facilities, which in turn improves the lives of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged people in society. The grants will also support charities to provide a range of employment training and skills development opportunities for young adults with learning disabilities in catering, hospitality and conference centre management.

Ruth Ottley, Head Coordinator of the VINCI UK Foundation, said: “I’m happy to announce that this year the VINCI UK Foundation will provide much needed grants and support to a number of local charities. These charities were chosen because of their outstanding work to improve the lives of communities across the UK. I’m very pleased that in addition to our financial support, employees from across VINCI’s businesses will also dedicate their time to support these local charities, in their efforts to alleviate social exclusion.”

For a third year, the Foundation will make a real difference to the lives of the most excluded in society and help to strengthen communities across the UK.

Projects receiving support include:

  • St George’s Knights Powerchair FC – Staffordshire-based charity will receive £9,000 for the purchase of two powerchairs to enable people with physical disabilities to participate in powerchair football; project sponsors from VINCI will help the organisation with budgeting and reporting financial information.
  • The Cathie Stankevitch Foundation – Cheshire-based charity which delivers community projects and initiatives to alleviate the disadvantages and remove the barriers for social inclusion – received a minibus worth £17,490; the VINCI project sponsor will help the charity to deliver on their educational based project.
  • People First Independent Advocacy (PFIA) – a not-for-profit independent advocacy organisation based in Cumbria will receive £10,000 to help build and fit a ‘Hospitality Staff Breakaway Room’; project sponsors from VINCI will provide project management assistance to PFIA.
  • Ty Hafan Hospice – Wales-based charity helping life-limited children and their families enjoy the best quality of life possible and make the best of the precious time they have together-  will receive £10,000 towards the installation of LED lights and adaptations to their Memorial Garden. VINCI Sponsors will bring their project management skills to support these projects
  • KidsOut – Bedfordshire-based children’s charity working to bring happiness to vulnerable and disadvantaged children awarded £12,000 toward the purchase of a second hand minivan; project sponsors from VINCI will help the charity with their telecommunication.
  • Pimlico Opera – A charity that aims to use music and drama to advance personal development is running a yearly theatrical production project based in a prison. The charity will receive £5,000 to cover the costs of seating, security and to help build the theatre set; project sponsors from VINCI will assist with building the set and offer skills training and mentoring to the project participants.

Through the Foundation, all VINCI’s employees, from apprentices to senior management, can use their experience and skills to benefit their local communities.

Businesses supporting the Foundation include VINCI Construction UK, VINCI Energies UK & ROI, VINCI Construction Grands Projets, Eurovia, Bachy Soletanche, Freyssinet, VINCI Concessions and Nuvia.

More details can be found at:

VINCI Facilities confirms London Overground FM deal with Arriva Rail London

VINCI Facilities has confirmed it has secured an initial 12-month contract with Arriva Rail London (ARL) to deliver FM services across the London Overground network.

The VINCI Facilities team began mobilising in late April and the works went live 13-days later in early May. The contract includes cleaning, fault-rectification and planned maintenance activities, and it continues from where Carillion, the previous supplier, left off following its liquidation. 119 people who worked with Carillion and its liquidator have begun working with VINCI Facilities. The scope of the TFM package covers 81 stations across the London Overground network and includes possession management and trackside FM delivery works and is worth £7.5M.

The new work with ARL builds on VINCI Facilities’ track record in rail and a clear demonstration of trackside abilities. This was further confirmed during the 13-days of mobilisation and the discussions around the works during which the VINCI Facilities team formed strong partnerships, emphasising the need for collaboration and flexibility.

Tony Raikes, managing director of VINCI Facilities said, “One of the most rewarding things about this contract with Arriva Rail London is our teams’ ability to help the client and step in to maintain FM services after the demise of Carillion. It is an exciting project, our first on over ground network, building on our successes with TfL. We’re looking forward to taking the project beyond the initial 12-months.”

Will Rogers, Arriva Rail London managing director, said, “The transition to VINCI Facilities was seamless and this is testament to the collaboration between our teams. Right across the board, at every level, everyone has done a sterling job.

"People are at the heart of what we do at Arriva Rail London and our team have continued to deliver through uncertainty. We’re looking forward to working with VINCI Facilities and continuing to deliver a great train service for Londoners.”

VINCI Facilities seals £150m of sales including Debenhams

VINCI Facilities has confirmed that its recent deal over a three-year term with DEBENHAMS means it has secured over £150m of facilities services business.

This includes the ground breaking contract with the Five Councils (Hart District Council and Havant Borough Council, Mendip District Council, South Oxfordshire and the Vale of White Horse District Councils) announced in February as well as extending relationships with the Welsh Government, Canals & River Trust and the Royal Parks and new contracts with the Office of National Statistics (ONS) and the Science & Technology Facilities Council (STFC).

The agreement with DEBENHAMS confirms VINCI Facilities as a leading FM player on the high street. The Debenhams team were impressed by the record of VINCI with other retailers, such as Dixons Car Phone Warehouse, and its ability to provide accurate, timely management information via its bespoke CAFM system. 

This is the first time Debenhams has put all of its fabric, HVAC, lift and escalators, lighting and electrical services within a single contract arrangement and under the terms agreed VINCI will be providing planned and reactive maintenance services to some 180 locations nationwide including stores in the Republic of Ireland.

Away from the High Street, VINCI Facilities is continuing to build on its reputation for consistent delivery of FM services in some challenging and different end user environments right across the UK. These range from public buildings for the Welsh Government, administrative spaces for the ONS as well as scientific laboratories and ccommodation facilities for the STFC.

The Welsh Government has extended its agreement with VINCI Facilities via its National Procurement Service and the work is worth in the region of £28m over four years. VINCI Facilities was also recently appointed to continue its successful £40m relationship with the Royal Parks – a deal that covers all of the main London parks including Hyde Park and St. James’.

Tony Raikes, managing director of VINCI Facilities said:

“The business is making great progress this year and much of our success is down to the good relationships our teams establish with our clients, their respective FM consultants and the consistent and often innovative approach to customer service of all of our people. Contract awards with clients like DEBENHAMS are special because they demonstrate that an open collaborative partnership, strong technical knowledge, and a culture of service that delivers great results. Then, renewing high profile work with the Royal Parks, Canals & River Trust and the Welsh Government shows we are at the top of our game in what are very challenging environments.”

Simon Dales, director of store operations for DEBENHAMS says: “Entering into a one stop all-inclusive contract with VINCI Facilities is an important move and will deliver overall efficiencies in management and operating costs while, at the same time enhance the store environment and experience for our customers and colleagues. We look forward to working closely with VINCI Facilities during the contract term.”

For further information, please contact:

Philip Russell
Director – Sales & Marketing
VINCI Facilities
07971 191912


Andrew Brown
Frank & Brown
07795 547069

Note to editors

VINCI Facilities is a leading provider of facilities management services to the public and private sector.

Our solutions are commercially sound, are customer focused and provide clients with the information necessary to make strategic decisions about their estate.

By integrating services and introducing a range of best practice measures, including work flow and performance management against strict KPIs, we provide our clients with cost certainty, cost saving, consistency of service and efficiency gains.