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FM and Global Wellbeing

VINCI Facilities survey reveals FM sector has no proper strategy to combat climate change.

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FM and Global Wellbeing

VINCI Facilities surveyed over 200 decision makers in the FM and built environment sectors, in order to complete four white papers conducted in the autumn of 2020. The third paper – FM and Global Wellbeing – is available now and argues that the facilities management sector is not taking a strategic approach or taking enough specific action to address its responsibilities towards the wellbeing of individuals and the planet as a whole.

The research showed that actions around wellbeing and sustainability tend to be piecemeal, reducing their effectiveness and impact which is undermined by a lack of senior management buy-in, inconsistent stakeholder engagement and hence insufficient grassroots support. Any strategy should be linked to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Victoria Hughes, VINCI Facilities director for business responsibility says, "No one said it is easy and, some good work is being done, but the FM industry as a whole could do better, by sharing data, experience and best practice. Individual organisations too often find themselves reinventing the wheel because benchmarking and other data is lacking. Poor evaluation means opportunities are missed because vital connections are not being made – between the cost of an environmental scheme and savings in recruitment and retention."

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